Cranleigh Parish Council

Parish Council Quality Status

Quality Parish Council Logo The Parish Council is a local government authority (Local Government Act 1972 s 270). A Parish Council is constituted by powers conferred by Parliament. A Parish Council can only act in relation to the powers that have been conferred by Acts of Parliament.

Cranleigh achieved Quality Parish Council status in April 2007.

Quality Status lasts for 4 years and then the Council has to go through a re-accreditation process. Cranleigh successfully re-accredited in September 2011, which means it:
  • is representative of, and actively engages, all parts of its community, providing vision, identity and a sense of belonging;
  •  is effectively and properly managed; 
  • articulates the needs and wishes of its community;
  • is committed to work in partnership with principal authorities and other public service agencies;
  • in proportion to size and skills, delivers local services on behalf of principal authorities when this represents the best deal for the local community;
  • works closely with voluntary groups in its community;
  • gives leadership to work by the community on town or village plans;
  • working with its partners, acts as an information point for local services.
More information is available from DEFRA on The Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme